showing up

showing up

today i’m just gonna keep showing up.
amazing inspiring morning: i am here for this.
afternoon spent anxiously starting at the computer screen – i’m here for this too (though shiftin’ that scene for sure!)

my heart is present.
all of it is sacred –
the muck, the wonder, the frustration, the doubt…

uncovering the rough edges in my heart,
i found myself in a moment of waiting,
not putting any energy out
feeling for the energy offered

almost disappointed…
almost… but now,

now I remember.
i generate my own electromagnetic field
and I’m humming in it right now
cultivating the vibrations that raise me up
bringin’ me closer to the fullness of my heart ,
the wonder behind my eyes,
the beauty in my breath

loneliness – i am that
love – i am this.
inspiration – she’s roaring through me!
courage – bring it on.
despair? we’re friends too.

bonfire tonight. i’m having one. even if I’m the only one to show up
i will raise my eyes towards the stars and let Agni recirculate the warmth of my dreams back into the charged air particles around me

oxygen. thank you.
life. thank you.
friends, i love you.

tonight i am fire.

i’m gonna keep showin’ up.

ps. you’re invited to join me. 😉