Observing Artemisia

Observing Artemisia

by: Maya Cooper • January 2013

hear watching
Wisdom of new perspectives unfold—a tended to heart resets itself in the rhythm of wholeness.

I am in relationship with the invisible, wise, essential energy that is behind the scenes as I interact with people, places and things. It’s easy and enjoyable for me to see/feel/hear/know about the energy that precedes expression. There is a tone of purity that occurs when the energy that is seeking expression, gets a clear, full, rich path out into the world. It absolutely delights me at a soul level when it occurs.

Artemisia is one of those beings who is very adept at surrendering and allowing these wise energies to take shape and meaning though her with ease. She has delighted and impressed me with her simple and honest ability to express her own essential energy clearly as she has shared herself with me over the many months we have been meeting. Now I watch as she begins to access that innate gift and begin to use it to support others in a new way. She is branching out and letting her heart guide her on behalf of her desire to bring the world into greater harmony.

As Artemisia sits down with the client she relaxes into herself, she touches in with the chambers of her own heart, finds the peace within, then states her intention. “What makes your heart sing?” I watch as the energies gather in and around the client and her. These building energies begin communicating and sharing with each other.  Artemisia effortless feels through the silky stands of colors, words, images, and experiences and gently combs them into form. She honors them and then begins giving them a true expression.

She is non-judgmental and without expectation and that grants her access a fuller pallet of what is in the moment with us. Judgments and expectations restrict. We cannot give a true and honorable voice to that which we have deemed lesser than. Artemisia holds all of what is available to her in equal respect and lets it shine and share.

As she reads, she weaves and mends, pets and strokes, loves and cares for the gathering energies. She is re-patterning the person she is reading for. It is healing to be seen without judgment, to have your tender energy witnessed and handled with care and shared back with you. To have inner expectations dissolve in the light of what is. To have your heart’s beauty expressed out loud. You become aware that are more yourself in a sturdy new way. She is watering the thirsty plant of her client’s deep heart. I see them perk up, sit straighter, open their hearts more, align with their greater truth, fall more in love with themselves.

After a session with Artemisia you can walk away feeling like you are a big Yes!  Yes! I am beautiful. Yes! I am contributing to the world. Yes! It is good to be me. Yes! it is good to shine.  Isn’t that what the world needs more of? Each of us being in the fuller Yes! of who we are?

 Mayacooper~ Maya Cooper,
Hands on healing, energy work, intuitive counseling and mentoring


Artemisia Shine has had the joy of journeying through a year of mentorships with Maya Cooper.