30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1


30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1

Feeling super grateful and inspired – Bodhi & I committed to 40 minutes of meditation (15 for him) for 40 days along with others from around the world participating in the Winter Feast For The Soul. Spurred by wonder woman Lori Snyder, I am going to be journaling 10 things I am thankful for each day for the remaining 30 days of the soul feast.

Today I am grateful..:

1. that i have this beautiful little man sleeping in the bed in the next room – i love him with all of my ♥
2. for all i have learned in my connection with Seth Hadaway. I like who he is and our bond has forced my heart to grow and heal and get stronger and softer all at the same time.
3. for Peggy Profant and all the inner riches her friendship has nurtured within me.
4. for the Universal Principles of Alignment! Yoga ROCKS!
5. to work at such and amazing place as Om Shala Yoga. 🙂
6. for healing conversations with people i care for – getting through discomfort and difficulty to meet on the other side with love.
7. to have the luxury of resources to share these thoughts like this. We are truely privileged.
8. for meditation – and the space to drop in.
9. for the small family alter that blesses the space between bodhi’s room and mine – creating an energetic bridge and sacred container that reminds me to be soft.
10. for breath.

Feel free to add your own gratitude to the list. ♥