Love and Sunsets

Love and Sunsets


Grief moves through me like a river
vast, surging, deep
carrying the debris of my stagnant expectations,
limited beliefs
widening the channel of my heart.

Grace flows with the current,
alive with integrity.
There is strength and honesty in the rushing, translucent tide.

As the sun settles beneath the rising ache,
my heart arcs in tender hues of love.

I love because it is how my cells organize.
I love even as love leaves me naked, raw, exposed…

I love because that’s how the soft creature of my body
folds itself into dreamtime
heart spilt,
eyes weighty and wet
soul worn and weary
I wake up ready for another day of loving.

I love because I exist.
I love because you are.
I love because beauty runs through me.

I love because sometimes
that is all
there is left
to do.

~ artemisia shine