Cycling with the moon


Oh life – you got my heart so deeply today. I get to ride the waves of my woman-heart: sensitive, feeling, tender, receptive and deep. Remembering those I love that have passed, loved ones that are distant, the years, youth and memories that are behind me now… Waining moon, as you become new, you so consistently seduce all that lays beneath the surface into the soft glow of my own inner attention. This afternoon my heart cracked open and I shed a few quiet tears for the achingly sweet experience of just being alive.

Thank you moon cycle within that mirrors the drawing in and reflecting out cycle of luna in the sky. Each month you bring me back to myself so intimately. You softly rock me into remembrance and caress all that “I” am in your loving embrace. I am just like you – a micro-collective of cosmic matter hanging on to the edge of a planet that hurls through space as it orbits a sun that dances in one of untold billions of galaxies swirling around in the infinitely expanding universe. In one word, I am love.

Constant renewal: this is the sacred gift of being woman.

I hold you all in my heart. Blessings and love from my depths.

love love love

~ artemisia shine