The Journey Begins..

40 Day Journey – 40 Steps for Growth

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

40StepsThis summer has been hard. Really hard. It is the first summer that my pre-teen son has not been in summer camp during the day; which mean he has been home. A lot. While I am working. (Or not working when I want to be doing the work I love. Which has also been tough. Really tough.) Financial challenges have both inspired my creativity and really forced me to come back to my breath and remember my relationship with the present moment. Moment. by. challenging. moment. I have been in panic, forgetfulness, remembrance and then celebration only to get up the next day and do it all over again.

I feel as if I am rounding a corner into the next incarnation of my life. I want to actively participate in my process as well as be in gratitude for whatever life has in store for me. I want to remember lila, or the divine play inherent the cosmic expanse as well as the everyday mundanity. I am an actor in my own life. I want to enter the stage with loving, proactive awareness.

Starting right now, I choose to consciously take one step each day, over the next 40 days, towards growth with myself through my yoga practice, in my relationship with my son, my dharma thru the work I do in the world & experiencing my childlike heart. I commit to one small, achievable action each day day to:

  • deepen my connection with my personal yoga practice
  • further my connection with my son
  • create professional growth and support/enhance my business
  • create a moment of wild abandon & childlike joy in my life
  • share love anonymously with a random member of my community

For accountability I will share my journey with you here and on my blog. I will end/(or re-begin) my 40 Day Journey by hosting a celebratory gathering on September 13, 2014. Please join me in this! What energy would you like to actively animate in the next 40 days? What small steps can you take now to walk in the direction of your own inner freedom?

The journey begins…