30 Days of Gratitude – Day 11

 30 Days of Gratitude – Day 11

♥ A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  ~Phyllis Diller


Today I am grateful..:

  1. that I have the luxury of a vehicle – it makes it a lot easier to travel across the length of the state.
  2. for my father Arnold Arons. He always makes the effort to visit and create time to share, even when he is slammin’ busy. This year he’s been my biggest sounding board and emotional support.
  3. for smiles on baby faces. It’s so easy to drop completely into the present when you gaze into the rapt twinkle of a little ones’ eyes.
  4. for these lists – helping me find appreciation when I wake up feeling empty of gratitude.
  5. for Bodhi Shine’s (my son) incredible generosity of spirit. I love how freely he gives of his possessions and how much joy he takes in serving others. He has always been like this.

– and to change the list format up a bit:

Cashier Gratitude

i am alive in the soft but persistent twinkle of eyes that meet mine
souls recognizing each other
dancing in the heart space
over the checkout counter at Whole Foods Market

Yes! Healing can happen in time with the beep of the scanner
recognizing my celery
recognizing ourselves
when all else is stripped away

leftover peelings of pre-juiced fruit
our bodies such
our eyes tell the story

And you. You recognized me –
and I – I saw you
as we spoke of yoga and surf
smiles melt the barrier of skin, politics, preferences
ideas of you – me – separation.

Later, I’ld become that orange,
carrot, kale, apple, pear –
remembering your beaming grin as sweet green juice
journeys from tongue to belly

swimming in organic vegetable nectared bliss
warmed by a gaze radiant with love
reflected in Agni – blazing digestive fire

There is power in sincere presence
shared with smiling strangers
over scanned salad greens
while slipping through seconds in soul space.

Thank you for this briefest of meetings.